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Terra Groom - Quick and efficient collection of surface debris



  • Fits any vehicle above 15 horsepower.

  • Utilized to brush in sand and any other top dressing to achieve even distribution of infill on surfaces without leaving lines and stripes.

  • Breaks down cores and disperses dew.

  • Improves the roll of a golf ball and reduces mower maintenance, while promoting healthy grass growth.

  • When used on artificial turf, the Terra Groom raises the artificial turf fibers and levels the surface of the turf.  

  • Consists of three rows of special groomers.  Two rows are straight and one row is zig zag mounted.  

  • The groomers can be easily interchanged as they are attached with two bolts.

  • Has a working width of 74" and is available with a 3-point hitch mounting frame to attach it to a tractor.  Alternatively, the Terra Groom can be fitted with bogey wheels and an electric actuator to be attached to utility vehicles.

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