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Terra Spike SL - Aerify up to 8" deep on greens and tees


  • Weighs approximately 1050 pounds and can go down to an 8” depth. 

  • This machine can be attached to a small 30 horsepower tractor.  The width of the SL is 55”.

  • With the higher productivity of the Terra Spike SL and the speed of moving from green to green with a small tractor, one machine should be all that is needed to complete your greens aerification in less than a day.

  • The Terra Spike SL features the same innovative technology that is found in the Terra Spike family, thus making it the fastest deep tine on the market.

  • The Terra Spike SL can be fitted with a variety of both solid and coring tines.

  • Depth and angle entry adjustments on all Terra Spikes are easily performed with just a turn of a hand crank or a socket wrench at one central location. 

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