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Terra Clean 160 - For intensive cleaning and dust removal on artificial turf



  • Intensively cleans artificial turf surfaces as deep as 1.5 cm.

  • Three integrated cyclone filter units clean the dust components out of the air without getting clogged.  This allows the cleaning performance to remain constant. 

  • This machine works well in moist conditions as well as dry conditions.  

  • The debris is collected with a special sweeping brush driven by the PTO shaft and made of four brush rails which carry the debris and surface fill material onto the multiple riddle screen.

  • This screen is supported by spring elements and consists of two interchangeable sieving levels.  The sieving procedure separates the debris from reusable fill material and collects it separately into two basket units.  

  • A very quiet drum ventilator creates a vacuum in order to suck the fill material and debris into the machine.  

  • The blower sucks the dust through the sieve and into the cyclone filter where the particles are pushed out and down along the cyclone outer wall and into the dust collector. 

  •  The clean air is conducted out with an exhaust air duct.  

  • The rest of the collected materials are filtered twice, creating granulate that can be reapplied to the artificial turf surface.  

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