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Terra Floating Brush - Slitting, spiking, aerating


  • Specially developed for slitting, spiking, and aerating athletic fields and golf courses.  

  • Regular deep spiking and deep aeration break up soil compaction and provide optimal conditions for healthy root growth.

  • By breaking up compaction, the roots will deeper penetrate the soil and better absorb water and nutrients, improving the flow of water and the air balance of the soil.  

  • High lift knives loosens the soil to a depth of 20 cm.

  • Depending on the degree of compaction and soil conditions, you may choose between low lift knives and high lift knives.

  • The distance between tine rows is 75mm or 150mm, depending on the assembly.  

  • For deep slitting, especially on golf greens, the Terra Slit may be equipped with fine cutting knives, reaching a working depth of 150 mm.

  • Equipped with hollow tines 25 mm in diameter, it makes 80 holes per sq m in one run with 150mm spacing between tine rows.

  • It is perfect for cutting out thatch and also for spiking and aerating the upper soil layer (up to a depth of approximately 80 mm).

  • For highly compacted soil, the standard supplied ballast frame may be weighted down with additional weights.

  • On request, a hydraulic weight transfer system is available.    

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