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Triple V 375 - Tri Gang Verticutter


  • This tri-gang verticutter has 3 independent floating heads which enables it to follow the undulations of a fairway. 

  • Each head is 25” for a total width of 75”. 

  • In addition, the “turnable A-frame” creates a turning pivot point, thus allowing the machine to follow the contours and turns of a fairway.

  • Working depths up to 1” can be obtained. Depth adjustment is quick and easy via 2 cranks on the front rollers. 

  • The standard blade is a 2mm carbide tipped cutting blade at 1.5” spacing. 

  • The Triple V 375 can be operated on a tractor as small as 25 HP. 

  • Each head is driven with an independent PTO shaft and one heavy duty chain.

  • Operating speeds of 5 to 6 mph can be achieved depending on conditions and depth.

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