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Terra Float - Ideal overseeding machine


  • In combination with the optional overseeding unit, this machine is the ideal overseeding machine for improving golf greens, tees, and other sports turf without breaking up the soil

  • Healthy turf needs air and aeration is achieved by regular spiking.

  • Spiking breaks up incrustations on the surface, cuts through surface thatch layers, promotes gas exchange, and efficiently controls algae problems.  

  • Equipped with a 3-part suspended tool roller that may be optionally fitted with spike or star shaped tools.

  • Due to the tool roller's swivel suspension, the spike and star shaped tool sections easily adjust to undulating terrain.

  • Intensive contact between seed and soil is necessary for successful germination.  Equally important is even, stripe free spreading of seed.  

  • The Terra Float, with its overseeding unit, meets all of these important requirements for successful overseeding.  

  • The undulating seed brush brushes the seed into the seed rows.  The trailed seed roller with low pressure tires pushes the seed into the soil, promoting the close contact between seed and soil that is necessary for optimal germination.

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