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Super 600 - Heavy Duty Sweeper, Fraise & Flail Mower & Verticutter Collection System


  • Similar to the Super 500 but has approximately 80% more hopper capacity.  

  • The multipurpose head allows for sweeping, verticutting, and flail mowing while collecting clippings in a 5.9 cubic yard hopper with a high dump reach of up to 83".  The airflow path ensures complete filling of the container.  

  • Works extremely well as a core pulverizer by installing brackets on the rear door of the hopper, creating a 4" gap which allows materials to fall back to the surface.  

  • Verticut spacing ranges from 3/4", 1 1/2", or 2 1/4".

  • A big advantage is the floating head which follows contours and the multipurpose head which allows sweeping without changing the implements.

  • Special flotation tires are used with large contact area and low ground pressure to protect the surface.  

  • Includes an enviro-friendly chute, which guides the dust toward the ground, thereby reducing dust to the operator and the surrounding environment.

  • All hydraulic functions are operated by electric controls from the tractor seat.  

  • Options include a golf course kit and/or the super contour kit to avoid scalping.  

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