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​Wiedenmann GmbH was founded in 1964 by Gertrud and Georg Wiedenmann and is headquartered in Rammingen, Bavaria. Consistency and reliability have been the company's philosophy from the very beginning and the basis of its guiding principle of "only the best".  This philosophy has enabled the company to grow into one of the leading companies in the field of turf maintenance.  Wiedenmann GmbH is now managed by two of their sons - Horst and Uwe Wiedenmann.
Wiedenmann GmbH is known as a technological market leader.  Numerous innovation awards, patents, and property rights give proof of the company's commitment to high quality and performance.  Wiedenmann GmbH continuously invests a considerable amount of time and energy in research and development.
In 1999, Wiedenmann GmbH expanded into North America and opened offices in Savannah, Georgia.  The North American product line consists of a comprehensive range of implements for compact tractors and light duty utility vehicles targeted toward commercial and municipal customers.  The focus is natural and artificial turf maintenance equipment, to include machines for turf regeneration, collection and removal of grass and leaves, turf sweepers, and sand spreaders.  
Wiedenmann North America, LLC is headquartered in Savannah, Georgia and successfully operated by Will Wolverton. 
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