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Terra Seed - Turf improvement


  • For improving turf that is worn and infiltrated with weeds or foreign grasses without breaking up the soil

  • Intensive contact between seed and soil is necessary for successful germination.  

  • Equally important is even, stripe-free seeding.  For seed bed preparation, special spring tines are used which open up the soil surface.

  • The stirring shaft integrated into the galvanized seed container is driven via a V-belt by the low pressure tires of the overseeding unit. This ensures an even flow of the seed.

  • The short distance of 5 1/2" between seed discharge opening and the turf minimizes the risk that the seed will be blown away by the wind.  For quick setting of the discharge volume or for quick seed change, the overseeding unit is equipped with a calibration trough and turning crank.  

  • The seed brush brushes the seed into the seed grooves.  The trailed seed roller with low pressure tires pushes the seed into the soil and promotes intensive contact between seed and soil.  

  • The tires have a self cleaning feature which prevents materials from accumulating on the wheels.

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