The Fine Print:

*The 2016 Sales Incentive Program applies to sales made between 1/1/2016 and 12/31/2016. All previous programs have expired (sales made prior to 1/1/2016 do NOT qualify for this program).

*Sales Incentive Requests must be submitted within 30 days of the date of sale.

*Completed and signed delivery confirmation cards are REQUIRED!  No exceptions.

*Sales Incentive Requests are processed at the end of each calendar month.

*This form must be completed for each sale.  

*DO NOT submit more than one request per form. 

*Sales incentives will be paid as outlined in the 2016 program guidelines.

*Please note that the 2016 Sales Incentive Program is valid for machines that are shipped to the dealer from Wiedenmann in 2016 and sold to the end user in 2016. Sales made prior to 2016 do not qualify for SPIFF program.

*This program ends on December 31, 2016.

*Please contact your territory sales manager with questions regarding the status of your incentive request.   

*All sales incentive recipients receiving an amount of $600 or more will receive the appropriate federally required IRS forms at year end.

sales incentive request


W9 Form

​A complete W9 form is required before any SPIFF payment will be made.

Complete this form if this is your first time applying for a SPIFF or if your address/phone has changed.

Complete this form if you have already provided your email/address/phone and this information has not changed.

For Salesmen Only

Complete this form and upload the completed delivery confirmation card to apply for your sales incentive.